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A “Life Support” Call

A “life support” call was heard throughout the world today.

What does “life support” actually mean in the context of this post.  . .

Let’s look first at the definition of these two words taken from “”

“Life support” is a medical procedure that keeps the body alive when some vital organs or systems fail.

Calling All Warriors


A Call went out to all “prayer warriors” to fight for “life.” The world is on “life support” and needs our help.   Our Lady of Medugorje requested Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti to gather as many people as she could to climb Apparition Hill and pray with “her” today at 10:00 pm.  The intention was to PRAY FOR PEACE.

The prayers that echoed today from continent to continent in union with Marija in Medugorje were prayers for “life.”  Yes, indeed, we were praying for “peace” as Our Lady requested of us but there was more.  We were and are praying for “life!”  In fact, we are fighting for “life.”

As Marija was having her apparition with Our Blessed Mother, there was a “silence” from the pilgrims awaiting her sharing of the apparition of the Blessed Mother.  There was also a sound of “beeping” which was heard in the background of the transmitted scene taking place. That beeping struck a chord within – for it sounded like the beeping one might hear in a hospital room.  The sound of a machine supporting life of a loved one.  A “saving” of life. . .a saving of the “world!” 

Saving the World

Yes, we are being called like no other time to pray, pray, pray!  The “midnight hour” is soon approaching.  There is no coincidence that Marija will be having her apparitions with the Blessed Mother at 11:30 pm – Medugorje time.  For the next 9 days – she will be “listening” and “seeing” Our Lady and then that encounter will be translated for us to all “absorb.”

What will we do?  How will we bring about peace in the world?

The Five Stones

Our Lady gave us “five” key themes of Peace, Faith, Conversion, Prayer and Fasting.  They are described as the “five stones” that David used to slay Goliath.  (Samuel 1:17)

Prayer Pray the Rosary every day and pray it from the heart.

Holy ScriptureRead a passage from the Holy Bible every day and display the Holy Bible prominently in the family home.

FastingFast on Wednesdays and Fridays (the best fast is on bread and water)

ConfessionAttend the Holy Sacrament of Confession every month, especially on First Saturdays.

Holy MassGo to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass often, at least every Sunday, and receive the Eucharist worthily in a state of grace.


Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

Sr. Emmanuel Maillard introduced another “life support” system for an “ailing world.”  She wanted to do something special for the Blessed Mother and she wrote a “Nine Day Novena” for Our Lady.  This is not only in anticipation of the 43rd anniversary of Medugorje but it is also to bring consolation to our Blessed Mother’s heart. Sr. Emmanuel asked this question in her report for June 2024 – “Why is she so anxiously looking for us?”

“From Heaven, she clearly sees the state of the world today, and more than ever she is seeking us out.”  

This morning a friend and I were discussing a miraculous image of the Blessed Mother that “closed her eyes” in a statue that were formerly in an “open position.”

In that picture, Our Lady seemed to be saying to us – with eyes closed – “I see what you do not!”  

Sr. Emmanuel backs up that statement with “Our Blessed Mother clearly sees the state of the world today” and so the question follows – “Do we?”

How can we further help Our Lady attain “peace” in a “peaceless world?”

Enter into the “Nine Day Novena” which started today – June 16th and ends on June 24th in anticipation of June 25th anniversary.

Let us unite with Sr.  Emmanuel and offer Our Lady this precious novena.

You can find it on Sr. Emmanuel’s website:



You don’t have to get on a plane to go to Medugorje and be present for this prayer time on Apparition Hill.  You can easily click on the following link:

They will be streaming live each night this magnificent event called by Our Blessed Mother for our prayers.  The prayers begin at 10:00 pm Medugorje time with apparition at 11:30 pm Medugorje time.

Marija described her encounter with Our Lady today as follows:

“During the moments of the Apparition, Marija recommended all of us, all of our intentions, whatever we hold in our hearts, all of our sacrifices and all of the prayers we have prayed for peace.  Our Lady extended her hands above us, and she prayed over us in her own motherly language of Aramaic for a long time.  Our Lady asked us to come tomorrow in an even greater number, because she needs our prayer.  She blessed us all as she left for Heaven.”


Life Support Message

Dear Children!

Pray with me for peace, because Satan wants war and hatred in hearts and peoples.  Therefore, pray and sacrifice your days by fasting and penance, that God may give you peace.  The future is at a crossroad, because modern man does not want God.  That is why mankind is heading to perdition.  You, little children, are my hope.  Pray with me, that what I began in Fatima and here may be realized. Pray and witness peace in your surroundings, and be people of peace.

Thank you for responding to my call.”

January 25, 2023 message of Our Lady of Medugorje



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