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Bronze Serpent Prayer

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  1. 4/13/23–For Christine Watkins–just wanted you to know that I sent an email tonight on the website (for Tom Renz, a Catholic lawyer) regarding the Bronze Serpent prayer. This was in response to a talk given by Tom Renz on 4/11/23 on the website regarding the uncertainty of what might be now going into the milk, beef, vegetables, etc.

    I sent it from “one Catholic to another”, referring to the prayer, promise and message Our Lord has given. I also said he might want to share it with other Catholics and believers who will now Trust Our Lord as never before.

    Thank you, Christine (and your whole staff), for all you have done, are doing, and will continue to do for God and His people. May Our Lord reward you all enormously someday.
    Debbie Winslow