Jesus on the Cross – CD


Do you ever struggle with finding a deep connection with Jesus—one in which you feel you are truly connecting intimately with his loving presence and hearing his voice in your heart?

The guided prayer, “Jesus on the Cross,” is giving people of all ages just such an experience. Play the CD, close your eyes, and in a matter of seconds, you will find yourself transported in prayer and communicating easily with the One who knows all your needs and loves you most. Set to the evocative music of Arcangelo Corelli, this prayer meditation guides you into a conversation with the Lord. Hanging on the Cross, Jesus expresses his love for you and an invitation to see your life, your conscience, and your current circumstances through His merciful eyes.

Recommended use: personal discernment, family prayer, confirmation programs, Lenten reflections, parish retreat, personal inspiration, examination of conscience, and personal or communal healing.

“I’m quite sure I have never prayed so deeply in my life.” – Jon Silva