In Love with True Love: The Unforgettable Story of Sister Nicolina


In this seemingly loveless world of ours, we might wonder if true love is attainable. Is it real, or is it perhaps a dancing illusion captured on Hollywood screens? And if this love dares to exist, does it satisfy as the poets say, or fade in our hearing like a passing whisper? The souls are few who have discovered these answers, and one of them is Nicolina, a feisty, flirtatious girl who fell in love with the most romantic man in all of post-war Germany.

Little did they imagine the places where love would take them.

This enthralling, real-life short story is a glimpse into the grand secrets of true love—secrets that remain a conundrum to most, but become life itself for a grateful few. These hidden treasures wait in hope to be discovered, resting in chambers of the Heart of Love. Through this little book, may you, like Nicolina, enter their mystery, and find life, too.