The Door of Faith


The Door of Faith is destined to be a classic, a staple of the Catholic faith, gracing homes, seminaries, seekers and educators, as it already has where it was first published in Hungary. Cardinal Péter Erdö, who approved the Flame of Love, as well as many other notables, such as Fr. Jim Blount, Fr. Robert Altier, Fr. Anthony Blount, Sr. Hedvig Deák, Christine Watkins, and the Chief Rabbi of Hungary, have given the book high praise. In their words, the work is ”fantastic”…  “compelling”…  “illuminating”… “masterful”… ”superb…” and “a gift for oneself and for others.”

The Door of Faith is an answer to a crisis—the absence of faith, hope, and truth. People are confused and seeking distractions because they are sitting in the uncomfortable silence of life and haven’t yet found the peace and joy they had hoped for. Many are wandering down roads of promise with hidden dead ends, searching chaotically for happiness and meaning in a world that has failed them.

By exploring the essence of human life on planet earth through the lenses of science, history, philosophy, morality, and religion, best-selling author, Bishop, and Doctor, János Székely, has masterfully accomplished the near impossible. He has succeeded in revealing the meaning of life and the existence of God.

If you are a seeker of truth, or someone who wishes to deepen your faith and better understand the underpinnings that gird your belief, The Door of Faith will not disappoint, no matter your personal starting point. It mixes in the beauty of poetry with the primacy of examined facts, speaking to the mind, while whispering to the soul. It is alive and breathing with the Spirit that animates the world, the same Spirit that animates you and me.