Transfigured DVD – The Life of Patricia Sandoval


The made-for-TV, half-hour Transfigured Video, a companion DVD to the book, TRANSFIGURED: PATRICIA SANDOVAL’S ESCAPE FROM DRUGS, HOMELESSNESS, AND THE BACK DOORS OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD is saving lives and healing souls around the globe. Ms. Sandoval’s story of three abortions, work behind the hidden doors of Planned Parenthood, where they told her not to tell a soul what she witnessed, followed by nearly three years as a homeless drug addict, is a testament to the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Ms. Sandoval’s story contains the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the culture. This half-hour, made for TV DVD also comes with bonus features of powerful stories of healing transformations after abortion.

Recommended use: Catholic schools, families, pro-life organizations, parishes, youth groups, young-adult groups, conferences, events.

Watch the 15-minute version of the half-hour, made-for-TV DVD, to get a preview:

“Patricia’s astonishing and compelling testimony is convincing youth throughout the world of the sanctity of life and sacredness of sexuality. Sit down and watch this story with your young people, and you’ll help spare them a lifetime of regret.”
– Astrid Gutierrez Bennett, EWTN Host

“This beautiful and healing video provides a quick and powerful antidote to the poisons of the culture. In just a few minutes, it eloquently says what Catholics want their friends, loved ones, teen and adult children to know in order to avoid or to heal from the modern traps of drugs, sex, and abortion.”
– Steve Patton, Associate Director
Family & Respect Life Ministries, Diocese of Sacramento, California