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Come to the Manger

Christmas Day has passed and you may already see trees at the curb along with all the wrapping papers, ribbons and what-not that has been discarded from the celebrations that were held in each of our homes this past Monday.

But it’s not over and it’s not too late to come to the Manger Throne!

He’s waiting as a “little babe” especially for “you” and countless others to come and receive “His Love.”




“Ask Me for love.  

Ask Me:

I am burning with desire to give it to you. . .

Talk to Me.

For Me, there is no sweeter prayer.”



The Invitation

The words above are taken from a passage from a timeless classic entitled, “He and I.” For those of you who are not familiar with this book, it’s a dialogue between Gabrielle Bossis who was a Catholic mystic born in France in 1874 and Jesus Christ. At the age of 62 years old, she heard an inner voice and this “voice” continued until two weeks before her death on June 9, 1950.

That voice would not only beckon to Gabrielle but also to all of us in this present moment….a “calling” to the “Manger Throne.”

He Waits Patiently

He’s not sleeping but waiting.  He came for “you.” He came for “all of us.”  He came to give you “His Love” and “His Light” to guide you on the path wherever you find yourself right now.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t ready to approach “His Manger Throne” on Christmas Day . . .for it is always the “Eternal NOW”…..

Listen to what “He” tells Gabrielle on Christmas Day in the year of 1947.  The words hold true in this year of 2023 and will hold true in 2024 and the years that will follow.

“Love calls to love.

Answer Me, child.  I am thirsty for you.  What intimidates you?  Your repeated neglectfulness?

Your deficiencies, your vagueness, your absentmindedness, your distressing memories?  I take charge of everything. I collect miseries and make glorious things out of them.  So give me everything!

Sink down deep into the thought of My humility as a little child.  I became humble for your sake.”

Rendez-Vous of Love

Here it comes!  The most beautiful invitation you will ever receive through a question!

“Would you like to come to the manger every day for lessons?  

Every day right up to the Purification?  I give you a rendezvous there.

Call it a rendezvous of love.  My love wants to bestow on you My adorning jewels.  These are my virtues and they are so powerful that even the worldly admire them.  But you must let yourself be adorned.  You must turn your will to your highest good.”

Going Deeper

What does Jesus mean when He tells Gabrielle that He wants to bestow on her His adorning jewels.  He tells her that it is his virtues.  He tells Gabrielle the following, “As you read these words that I have spoken to you,” said the Voice,

“go deeper, ever deeper into their profound meaning.”


In this Octave of Christmas, we celebrated today the Feast of St. John the Beloved.  Can you imagine that this young man was able to lay his head down on the Breast of Jesus and hear “His” beating heart!

Have you ever listened to the “heartbeat” of another?  It is truly an act of love to lay one’s head down on a beloved’s chest and listen – it’s an act of true intimacy.  It’s a “calling” and Jesus is calling us to do the same now.

Go to the Manger Throne!  Pick up the “Child” that has “His” arms extended to you personally. He wants to be held to your chest in a loving embrace.  Pick “Him” up and let “His Heart” touch yours and in that “intimacy” He will adorn you with His Jewels.  He will teach you “His Lessons.”


 I close this “Invitation” to “Come to the Manger Throne”

with the following words of Jesus to Gabrielle

“Ask that through this little book

I may come as I once came,

healing, drawing people to Me.

What a triumph entry into the silence of hearts!”




©2023 Anita Guariglia

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  1. This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for reminding us of the Eternal Now. Everyday can be Christmas Day in our hearts where we can hold Jesus close, feel His love and talk with Him. Padre Pio was seen holding Baby Jesus and walking with Him. We can walk with Him also. Blessed Christmas to all.

    1. Absolutely!!!! Padre Pio took us to the Manger…and he is teaching us to follow him:)
      Blessings to All and thank you dear Cathy for your comments – Anita

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