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The Saints and Angels Wait For You!

Yes, indeed, the Heavenly Court of Saints and Angels wait for you to “come and see” what transpires on every altar in the Catholic Church at the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

To “come and see” is to come with the innocence of a child and to gaze with your spiritual eyes rather than with your human eyes.

It is the innocence of a little “three year old boy”  and what his spiritual eyes beheld during a weekday Mass in our Parish Church that “ignited” my heart and set it aflame to write this blog to be posted in time for “All Saints Day!”

And so, let us enter into their experience that he and his Aunt shared together at our Parish Church during a weekday 9:00 am morning Mass.

They Have Ghosts Here!

Right before his aunt got up to receive Holy Communion, our little “three year old” asked if he should go or to stay where he was.  He was told that he could do whatever he wanted.

Then he casually commented, “Oh, they have ghosts here!”

“There, There, There and There!”

Pointing to the altar and then pointing up to the ceiling where the lights were!!!

His aunt would share with me that the “pointing action” of her little nephew truly hit home for her.

It is plain to see with our own “spiritual eyes” that this little guy was seeing with great clarity “the veil removed.” 

What does that exactly mean?  Let’s continue on with our journey…..and see what “Chris Magruder” has to share with us of her experience during Holy Mass and what was asked of her personally.

“The Veil Removed”

Chris Magruder – Founder and Chairman of “The Veil Removed” shared on their website  “that while attending Mass and during the Transubstantiation (the doctrine holding that the bread and wine of the Eucharist are transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus, although their appearances remain the same) she felt the Lord calling her to “show the world” what they would see during every Mass, if the veil was removed.

And so a Board of Directors and Team came together alongside a strong group of 65 prayer warriors.  The project is being prayed for every hour of every day, of every week, going on for five years now. From its inception, this project has been led by the Holy Spirit.”

Below you will find the website for “The Veil Removed” as well as a link to enter into this “divinely inspired” short film “that reveals the coming together of Heaven and earth at Mass, as seen by the Saints and Mystics revealed by Scripture and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Hitting it Home

Our little three year old certainly hit a home run in for his unsuspecting aunt as she made her way up to the altar to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.  Out of the mouth of babes as they say – or those who see the veil removed!

The Saints that have gone before us also stand at the plate right now….ready to hit some home runs in for us!  Home runs to open our minds to the Heavenly Banquet that is set before us each new day and ask of us to “Come and See!”

St. Augustine tells us, “the angels surround and help the priest when he is celebrating Mass.”

“The angels surround the priest,” writes St. John Chrysostom – ‘The whole Sanctuary and space before the altar is filled with Heavenly Powers come to honor Him who is Present upon the altar.”

And we read in the revelations of St. Bridget: One day when I was assisting at the Holy Sacrifice, I saw an immense number of Holy Angels descend and gather around the altar, contemplating the priest. They sang heavenly canticles that ravished my heart. Heaven itself seemed to be contemplating the great Sacrifice. And yet we poor mortals, blind and miserable creatures, assist at Mass with so little love, relish and respect!” 

The Invitation Is Presented

In my last blog, I wrote about “waiting” to have x-rays done for an 11:30 am appointment.  I had been waiting since 11:15 am that morning and would not be called until nearly 12 noon that day.  I was beyond being “patient!”  

Right before I was called to finally have the x-rays taken, another poor soul walked into the room to wait her turn.  We engaged in a conversation and I shared with her my disappointment in not making the Noon time Mass that I was expecting to go to thinking that I would be “in and out!”

In that conversation,  a question was presented to me by my waiting companion.  She asked quite simply – “Do you go to Mass everyday?”

And so that is how I ended my blog off last week.  I believe it is not “coincidence” that this little boy would have the experience that he did and that his aunt would share it with me as I saw them walking home from Church together.

Little did I know that by stopping to say hello,  I would receive the inspiration to extend the invitation to all once again  reading this blog and sharing this little guy’s experience as well as sharing the short film – “The Veil Removed.”

Our Little Three Year Old

I dedicate this blog to our “Little Three Year Old!”  He must have one mighty Guardian Angel that helped him to see with his spiritual eyes and gaze upon the Heavenly Court of Angels and Saints…who now invite you along with Jesus Christ to Come and See!

Invite your Guardian Angel to come….

“How happy is that Guardian Angel who accompanies a soul to Holy Mass!” St. John Vianney

Guardian Angels

St. Francis de Sales had special devotion toward the holy Angels charged with the guardianship of the tabernacles.

His veneration for these Angelic Guardians was increased by an instance which showed that these pure spirits revere not only the Sacred Species, but also the ministers who consecrate and handle them.

After having conferred Holy Orders on a pious young man, St. Francis noticed that the newly ordained priest hesitated before a door as if to let someone pass before him. “Why do you pause?” asked the Saint.

“God favors me with the sight of my Guardian Angel,” replied the priest. “Before I was ordained to the holy priesthood, my Angel always remained at my right and preceded me.

Now he walks at the left and refuses to go before me.” Such is the great veneration which the Angelic spirits show even to God’s ministers because of their reverence for the Blessed Sacrament.




2023©Anita Guariglia

Quotes from the website for “The Veil”

Featured Image and “Little Boy Pointing” – Screenshot from “The Veil Removed”

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  1. This is such a beautiful sharing and brings to mind and heart the awesome miracle of the Holy Mass that our human eyes cannot see. May our Guardian Angels open our spiritual eyes to approach Our Lord with the reverence of the Holy Angels.

    1. Oh yes Cathy – let that be our prayer today and always that our Guardian Angels help us to see
      what that little 3 year old was able to see. God Bless You:)

    1. Yes..on this last day of the Month of Angels….they are giving us a “heads up!”
      Up – Up – Up – Just like that little guy pointing….God Bless You:)

  2. 🌅This is what I have been looking for❣️ I can share this with my family and friends and invite them to meet their angels and saints at mass❣️🙏❤️ Thank you Anita🥰

    1. Thank you Katie and let us thank God for the Saints and Angels He has sent to assist us during this earthly pilgrimage!
      God Bless You and Your Family!

  3. And so, with Angels and Archangels, with Thrones and Dominions, and with all the hosts and Powers of heaven, we sing the hymn of your glory, as without end we acclaim:

    Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts.
    Heaven and earth are full of your glory.
    Hosanna in the highest.
    Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
    Hosanna in the highest. (!!!)

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