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Time Not Wasted

It’s been a very long “time” since I have last written a blog for Queen of Peace!  The “calling” has been coming to me of late and I found myself “wasting time” or better yet procrastinating if I had the “time” to write!

I find that “now” is the appointed moment to share an experience I had this past week in “waiting impatiently” in a radiologist’s office for scheduled x-rays.

Before I begin, however, let’s take a look together at the definition of “time!”

The thing that is measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc.

A usual set moment or hour for something to happen, begin or end.


The Waiting Room












On the day of my appointment, I did not find myself in a “waiting room” as spacious as this one.  I was ushered into a much smaller room with 4 chairs and a TV with the game show “The Price is Right,” blaring loudly above me on the wall.  For those who may not be familiar with this program – contestants compete by guessing the prices of merchandise to win cash and prizes.  Bells ringing, doors opening and contestants yelling seemed to be what I would be encountering in my waiting to be called.   Yikes as I am apt to say in given experiences such as this one!

So there I sat amongst the other 4 waiting patients who all had cellphones in hand including myself who was busy checking the “time” constantly!

My appointment was at 11:30 am and down the road from the medical building was Notre Dame Church who has a daily noontime Mass.  I was very confident that I would make that “appointment” with Jesus and receive Him in the Holy Eucharist.  However, another plan was unfolding and I wasn’t “present or aware” to His plan at all.  Instead, I found myself growing more impatient as I watched everyone else come into the waiting room and then be called before me!

Jesus Was Working Behind the Scenes

At Sunday Mass last week, our Pastor – Fr. Tony Stanganelli – gave a homily where he spoke of “Jesus working behind the scenes.”  Fr. Tony was trying to instill in his parishioners as a “Good Shepherd” confidence in the fact that no matter how horrific things look around us – Jesus is working behind the scenes.  “Believe that,” he loudly proclaimed!

And so I received a clear indication of that exhortation only two days later at a routine mammogram appointment.  My appointment was at 11:30 am, however,  Jesus had  “already booked” a divine time for two women to meet and hold a brief conversation!  One that was truly an invitation to the other and maybe you as well!

Walking Through Time Together

So there we were and the divine appointment began very simply with a “Good Morning,” to each other.  This lady had a beautiful Irish brogue and we found ourselves talking about being “called.’ Little did we know that we were both being “called to another plan” and just not a routine radiologist appointment.

I shared my impatience with her complaining that I was already waiting for 45 minutes and that everyone that came in after me had been called but there I was – still waiting!!!!

Well what happens?  My newfound friend gets called and there I am once again alone with “The Price is Right” with the volume getting louder and louder in my head!  My plan to attend Mass seemed to be falling through and after all that “waiting,” I just grew more and more “impatient!”

My new Irish friend enters back into the room successfully completing her x-rays but now has to wait for another test scheduled and as we wait now together – we continue a conversation planned by Jesus in “His Time.”

The following conversation begins:

I lament that I came early at 11:00 am to check in for that 11:30 am appointment

with plans to attend Mass at Notre Dame at noontime.

“Oh that is my parish,” she replies.  

The conversation continues…with talk about the Pastor.  

“Oh is that the Irish fellow?” she asks.  

Oh yes…that’s Fr. McCartney –  I reply back.

And then a profound silence between both of us – for now “The Holy Spirit” enters this waiting room with a question directed to me from my waiting companion.


















The Million Dollar Question!

What did she ask me?

She asked very simply –

“Do you attend Mass everyday?”

I just about got the answer out to her when I was finally “called!”  Can you imagine!!!!  My “time” had finally come!

But my reply came back quickly “Yes! as I exited the waiting room.

After my x-rays,  I found my way back to where I had sat for 45 minutes unaware that it hadn’t been  just a “waste of my time.”  I wanted to say good-bye to her and left her with three words. . .God Bless You!  And so He did – didn’t He?  ”

He had most certainly blessed both of us for Jesus had brought two souls together to engage in a conversation that would lead to a Heavenly invitation.

As I walked down to my car – I just had to smile inwardly and outwardly.  I thought my appointment was at 11:30 am but Jesus – the Divine Physician had an appointment with this lovely Irish woman and myself instead at the noon hour. A short conversation but it certainly was one that was poignant and planned “behind the scenes” in a waiting room by our Loving God.

Definition of Time

A Usual Set Moment or Hour for Something to Happen, Begin or End

An Invitation

That sweet woman that sat in the waiting room may have been a regular parishioner at Notre Dame Church.  I don’t know or presume to know.

She did know the “Irish Pastor!”  But it was a moment to speak of the Glory of God and how He makes Himself so present on every Altar throughout the world.  He promised us that He would be with us “until the end of Time!”

He’s waiting for all of us….He’s waiting on the Altar to feed us – give us strength especially in these “times” of confusion and fear.

“I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me!”

(Philippians 4:13)

Come to Holy Mass – And Be Strengthened with HIS LOVE

He’s “Waiting” for You!!!!

There may be a “Noontime” Mass  in your neighborhood!




©2023 Anita Guariglia

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10 Responses

  1. Thank you for this beautiful blog! It’s personal, but one we can all relate to, meaningful and inspirational. And it’s so true, sometimes we spend more time procrastinating than actually doing what we are called to do. But best of all is knowing Jesus is always behind the scenes working miracles. We so need to focus on Him and TRUST Him as His Mother and ours always did.

  2. Thank you for posting. Made me realize that when I start losing my patience, I miss opportunities to practice, virtue, awareness, etc.. Being impatient doesn’t allow me to see Gods hand in the events unfolding in front of me. A lot of wasted opportunities!

    1. Never wasted as we can see….always moving forward in His Wisdom!
      Thank you so much in sharing your heart and the teaching He just gave to you!

  3. Encouraging how two receptive individuals grasp the opportune time to detour from frustration in waiting to appreciation in the gift of daily mass awaiting us.

    1. Absolutely…Jesus made His Presence known at the 12 Noon appointment that He had on His Calendar for that day.
      Just shows us how much He loves each one of us…and invites us to the Heavenly Banquet on Sundays and even weekdays:)

    1. Hi Maria, I’m sorry I do not have a location for you…..the image was taken from instagram.
      I will try to find the location for you:)

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